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What IS the Glory Be Project?
At the end of 2012 original founders, FuzzyHoser & vespera, were just so gosh-darn-tootin'-excited that they had survived past 2012 (and the world ending, obviously) that they decided to celebrate by writing every day. So excited, in fact, they invited the internets to celebrate with them in some good ol' daily writing. 
Now, obviously, 365 days in a row is a bit much to ask, but you can do... 320 at least, right?  We just know you can.  

What are we talking about?
First off, we are not talking about writing a brilliant poem every day. That would be terribly exhausting (but if you are able to, we salute you!) But certainly you can write a haiku (however serious or not serious), write a twitter poem, put down a fragment idea (also, we'd like to point out, fragments ARE PUBLISHABLE to the group), a six word story, etc.   

Why do this?
Well, for starters, each of us that's serious about writing, whether it be with the goal of publication or not, should be making a point of writing every day. At the end of the year, you and us (and you and you and you) will each have a little mini manuscript of daily thoughts, observations, abstract commentary, jokes, snapshots, etc of a year in your life. Glory Be! And then we will trade using our Swap Meet! (Though, to clarify this, there is no obligation to trade with any of us or the whole group or anybody in particular. Whichever deviant wants to trade with whichever deviant does this, can.)

How the Group Functions
If you sit down to write a Glory Be! entry and it becomes a whole poem - AWESOME - if not, that's okay, too. You sat down and you wrote. Mission accomplished. We will salute you for this, too.  

BUT if you do come up with a poem/fragment/etc. once or twice a week that you want to share with the group, please feel free to submit it here!  The current month's folder is open for SUBMISSIONS up to two a week.  All we ask is that you help motivate others by putting a note in your commentary back to the group!  

Do you still have questions or something else you'd like explained? Get in touch with our current Founder Lady-Yume or our Co-Founders DrippingWords and betwixtthepages via a note, who'll be sure to set your mind at ease :heart:
Founded 3 Years ago
Dec 20, 2012


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Art Creation

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244 Members
239 Watchers
19,657 Pageviews
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Daily Inspiration

:bulletgreen: Hundred Themes Challenge; a brilliant helper if your own muses are letting you down. Many can be found, like here at The-Poetry-Cafe or 100ThemeWriters, the latter a group especially dedicated to the immense lists, with users uploading many of their own variations.

:bulletgreen: Six Word Stories are both fun and challenging; try to convey something in so little words - and if you're really keen, become a member of SixWordStories and take part in their many original prompts.

:bulletgreen: Haiku and Eastern Poetry is a wonderful area of writing to explore; and if you're really serious about it, we'd absolutely recommend keeping an eye on the-haiku-club & Haiku-Writers

:bulletgreen: Join, or create, your own Word War!

What is a Word War you may ask?
It's a friendly competition to see who can write the most in a set period of time. This can be over the course of a month with daily interval updates, or over the course of a few minutes with instant results. In a chatroom setting the game is fast paced fun with the timer set to a few minutes and participants compete in several rounds. Speed writing is key!

To discover more, and take a look at the instructions of the how-to, read thorns journal by clicking here

:bulletgreen: Creative Writing Now A great external link (which was featured on Oprah, no joke) of prompts.

:bulletgreen: Try your hand on (traditional) Forms and Structures; head over to the groups ProjectDFC and formfindsfunction for more information and slowly get your feet wet.

:bulletgreen: One; a great website which prompts you with a word and gives you 60 seconds to write about it.

"If you want to write, if you want to create, you must be the most sublime fool that God ever turned out and sent rambling. You must write every single day of your life. You must read dreadful dumb books and glorious books, and let them wrestle in beautiful fights inside your head, vulgar one moment, brilliant the next. You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads. I wish you a wrestling match with your Creative Muse that will last a lifetime. I wish craziness and foolishness and madness upon you. May you live with hysteria, and out of it make fine stories — science fiction or otherwise. Which finally means, may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world." ― Ray Bradbury








Lullaby LoverSweet lullaby lover,
you've sung me to sleep.
Your eyes are an ocean,
and I've dived so very deep.
I whisper I love you,
and you try not to beam.
Sweet lullaby lover,
this must be a dream.
LullThe warm bliss of skin
The red drum
and the soft bless
of breath
lulls me to sleep
it used to be mineit's 4:21 am
and i seriously regret
taking that nap at 10 pm tonight.
and i regret
falling asleep on the couch
at 9:17 pm too.
but before i delve too much
into the little mistakes
and way ahead of the big ones,
i wanna talk about the world.
or, well, not
the world.
but your world.
who you are
will not be disclosed
because i open up enough,
and i just want to be
the pages in your folder
so that when you do admit
all you need is a pen with ink.
i will swallow it all down for you.
i will get drunk off of you
as the eyeliner
of your soul's window
trickle down 
into my waiting mouth.
give it time, give it time,
give it time and gravity
will exist heavier
than it ever has
and your grey eyes
make blue, make green,
and the sky
is a changeling.
they'll rain
and you become grey.
then your porcelain
teeth will be the clouds
when the canvas is blue
and your tongue
will produce dew
when the sky
picks up jade hues.
grow and envelope me;
i just want to be the pages
you scribble on.
and i've neve
take my breath awayyour calloused fingers
wrap around the delicate frame
of my paper maché lungs
and you squeeze
until my breathes
b u r s t
from my withering lips
like firecrackers
in mid-july.
explosive fits of
flailing limbs come
to a stuttering halt as
your wiry grip inches further
up my trachea--
you couldn’t just stop
at my cresting clavicles and
pull poetry out of their
porcelain exterior,
no you wanted
to see me gasping,
clawing at my throat and
hissing at the icy palms of winter
that trap me as my ribs
catch fire and the last traces
of precious
air trickle from my
weary mouth;
you stole the
only thing I had left
to take.

for the girl teaching herself how to flythe first thing you need
to know about people is this:
your heart is full of open windows
without latches, and rose walls
covered in t h o r n s-
for only tiny pin-pricks go unnoticed
until waves wash over you
but a mermaid has no tears
and therefore suffers so much more
for fun is few and far between
moments of forced silence and quiet words:
let no one bring you flowers
but those you can watch bloom-
and don't stop until someone says
that girl is a goddamn p r o b l e m
for wolves and girls both have sharp teeth
and know how to use them to their advantage.
beloved/be loveddo not let someone else be your sun
or moon
fill your universe up with stars and
clouds and planets and
asteroid belts
let others be within your
favorite constellation
let them shine their brightest
gleam for all that they are
and all that they can be
notice their twinkle
notice them
if they dim down and
explode in a supernova
do not let them be a black hole
do not let other people's
darkness consume you
be your own sun
and moon
because the first thing you see every morning
is your own skin
and you deserve to be the center of your own universe.
1:02 ami am falling asleep in the white waves:
my heart is gulping for its own air in a drowned, drowning (dreaming) body
why aren't my eyelids working?  i see when i no longer
want to see
for now, have a cup of teasoulfire searing in secret five kilometres
under a pile of old
cardigans and photographs. high collar promised:
once i've found it i'll bare it to you.
 ( s e n s a t i o n a l l y
   meet the writer
   says the old fairground sign )
i'm held together by florist's wire
but only a little milk, only a little
worth a teaspoon's tip of honey. like early
may when the windows all open
(we braved april we bared our feet we
can have the night)
to invite shivers; i don't shiver, just feel them
run along my feet on the archs (like bridges
i should have burned)
and empty me out.
sleep will come later maybe
with the first fingers of dawn and i still
search for my soul where i last put my socks
while i hold onto a whisper
stream dancing over my lips of 'once
i've found it i'll bare it
to you'.

Koi Moon (Twitbit 3)silver koi
chases fireflies
across the night's tides
EllipticalI'm starting to like the way he smiles
far more than I ought;
monosyllabic words,
              us, you, yes and why
              set the galaxies in my chest spinning again,
                        and I am afraid of this inertia,
                        afraid of this gravitational pull
                                          because gravity
                                          has only ever brought me down.
I cannot tell if he is dark matter or rays of radiation,
but he hits me with all the force of a meteorite,
creating pock marks on my moonrock heart,
Dragonboat Race Renga 11-3: Frecklesそばかす
hoshi no yōna
your freckles
numerous as the stars
I bet she smells of laurel and pineI've made a career of
standing on the back porch -
calling your name into
the wide-open ears of
maple leaves.
You step from the house
to beckon me inside
but I swear a piece of you
is missing; escaped
into wilder arms years ago.

Precipitating StormsIt rains so much that you can't tell
whether it's raining,
or whether I'm crying.
Water falls, it's all the same.
For all you know,
I might always be in tears,
always proving that I can't cope,
but even then you wouldn't care
because it's just rain.
It snows enough that you can't tell
whether it's unusually cold
or whether I'm always frigid.
Frost forms on the ground,
every breath
is a breeze that chills,
so what difference does it make?
You're cold either way.
Lightning strikes often enough
that you can't tell
whether I'm angry
or whether it's just expected damage.
A bolt that can shock
in or out of awareness,
but it stings like nettles
whatever causes it.
So why bother to wonder
whether it's weather or climate?
Whatever happens,
it affects you the same way
every time.
-exhale-stars and sea
so close together
one falling
the campfire murmur
of the firefly
perched on my collar
glowing in beauty
temporal, innocent, finite beauty
that whispers
do you know
asks the firefly
no, I do not
I reply
and we sit there
and he flits through the velvet black
the jeweler's cloth of a July night
we listen to the breeze mingle
with the white pines
the maples are laughing
the sound of their leaves is a purity
that man cannot attain to
gentle the moon barely glides
as the embers pop and crack
sparks rise into the cool air
free-agent ripcords of fire
the fireflies watch them go
jettisoned into the cosmos
the firefly and I
I watch them drift in the aether
while the fire glows a sleepy red
all hands retiring now
lulled into an easy sleep
as the trees laugh in their effervescent way
so clean, so strong
the firefly is the last thing I see
as we disappear into dreams
Violet-heartIndigo bruises flourish on my wrists,
maps charting a course of life
almost ended; nimble fingers
push aside rivers of memory,
dig deep and hit

The Dreaming Corner is a feature series highlighting pieces of literature
that have touched and inspired me, making me want to share it with others
in this wonderful community I'm proud to call my own little hub.

Please, give these writers a minute of your time, and enjoy :heart:

With love,


previous volumes:
★ vol. 01 - ★ vol. 02 - ★ vol. 03 - vol. 04
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